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Absolutely! A job may seem overwhelming until you have the right solution from a designer helping you out. I can put things in perspective and offer solutions that you may not have even considered. I am a problem solver and brand creator. Let me create the consistency that’s currently missing in your marketing pieces.

A wrap, or “vehicle wrap,” is the term used when vinyl graphics encompass the entire vehicle covering all (or most) of the paint. Unlike cut vinyl which is usually pre-colored vinyl text that go on car doors and windows to promote a business, wraps are full color digitally printed vinyl that use latex or solvent printers to completely transform the vehicle into a moving billboard with eye catching designs and photos.

Yes! Whether it is an “off the wall” design or a contemporary look you’re after, rest assured I can meet your needs. I will work with you every step of the way to ensure the end result is what you had envisioned.

Conveniently located in Salina and Central Kansas. If you are within my installation area and have an adequate facility, I will come to you. If not, you can drop your vehicle off me at a location TBD and I’ll will handle it from there.

I am available to travel for specific jobs that require my top-notch quality. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about these services.

Yes, in most cases you need an appointment. On any given day, I could be booked out as far as 2-3 months before I can take on your vehicle for installation. In the event you have a smaller job such as a roof wrap or some vehicle letters for your doors, I can occasionally squeeze you in sooner. I do my very best to accommodate your schedule as best I can. The only way to know is to contact me and ask.

Installation times vary based on the size of what I am wrapping. However, most placed graphics installations can be installed within a couple hours. So, if you drop off the vehicle in the morning, I will have you back on the road by end of day.

Wraps and large coverage projects will take a bit longer, typically 2-4 days depending on the job. Please contact me with your project specifics if you need a more accurate timeline.

The duration of the wrap depends on multiple factors. The simple answer is 3-5 years for printed wraps and 7 years for color changes. Typically the horizontal sections of the car (ie: hood and roof) will fade and crack earlier due to heavy sun exposure. On the same note, cars that are garage kept and not driven in salt states will last longer than their counterpart. Interior graphics including wraps and other elements will last indefinitely. When you pick up your vehicle I will walk you through the proper way to care for your new wrap to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Yes. The material I use is designed not to damage the paint underneath as long as it is the factory supplied OEM paint and has not been altered in any way. Vehicles that have been in accidents or have had paint touch ups by a non OEM third party may potentially come up and is not covered under my materials warranty. A lot of times I notice this before the installation, but it is in your best interest to disclose any touch ups ahead of time so I can take the necessary precautions before wrapping your vehicle.

Pricing varies depending on the project, but all of my pricing is structured around square footage. Meaning, the bigger it is the more it will cost, and the smaller it is the more cost effective it will become. Please request a quote and I’ll provide an estimate based on your specific needs.

Most failures and imperfections in the installation will be noticed within 1 week of the installation date. I, however, extend that time frame to 3 months (90 days) after installation completion for my warranty. If anything is noticed within that time, just bring it back in or supply photos and I will determine if it is an installation error or materials. Material warranty claims will be filed with the manufacturer to evaluate. Installation errors, I’d be happy to repair free of charge.

No worries! I do my best to keep all project notes & artwork indefinitely. In the unfortunate event of an accident, I usually can reorder or reprint any portion necessary, but do keep in mind, that due to aging, colors may not match perfectly for the reprinted piece/section or manufacturers may have discontinued the materials used.

Every car needs to be washed the day before installation and garage kept, if possible, until installation. Please DO NOT wax. It is important to not wash the vehicle right before installation because water tends to reside in the rubber moldings making it difficult for the vinyl edges to stick in these areas. Please note that any vehicles that arrive dirty will incur a cleaning fee.

Hand washing is the best way to keep the vehicle clean. Though some vinyl manufacturers say it’s safe, I recommend avoiding high pressure systems as some use higher psi that could lift or damage the vinyl. Never wax your vehicle!! Vinyl needs to breathe, and waxing will seal the vinyl and actually cause it more harm than good. Instead, use a vinyl polish. If you have a vehicle with window graphics or window perforated graphics, you want to avoid using an ice scraper. Instead, warm up the vehicle and use a soft brush to do the job.

I do my best to accommodate your rush jobs, but it all depends on how full my schedule is for the time requested. Be aware that a rush fee may be added to projects requiring my immediate attention.

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